Many italian real estate agencies have foreign clients want to buy luxury properties

What country has a proud history of Italy? What country can be really considered as home of learning art? What country has amazing seaside or mountain resorts? If you ask enough of these, every person will instinctively answer Italy is a jewel of art, history and culture. It is no coincidence when foreign people decide to be on vacation at the beach or mountain, choose almost always this beautiful peninsula. And then when someone wants to study art history must visit Italy because the most important artists of all time worked here for many centuries.

Infact today many italian artists’ sculptures and paintings are going for high prices in auctions. For example to buy a Leonardo’s drawing you must spend very high figures. However to buy any italian artists’ painting or sculpture you need much money. It is also right that we remember the high quality about italian food and wine is a big draw for tourists visit this country. Italian cuisine and wine have ancient traditions are met even now about their preparation. Also these qualities are the expression of italian secular culture has an international unquestionable reputation.

This stunning reality would explain the success of some real estate agencies receive constantly requests by foreign investors and companies about luxury property purchase without effort. Their interest is mainly that of buying luxury apartments in the most beautiful italian cities and villas in amazing tuscan or umbrian countryside. But in last years the investments were mostly done for buying important wine estates produce very good wine.

In particular foreign investors and companies bought vineyards in Tuscany and in nothern Italy. They invested a lot of money in those places where they produce a high quality wine since many years. During an interview luxurytophomes.com gave, we knew investors are also buying italian villages or castles to create accommodation services there.

Tourism is a business in Italy because it’s only a country where you can find all that you want to be on vacation or live. We can conclude real estate business is good in this country and especially it will be always good because in Italy, art, culture and beauty about landscapes are unmatched.