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Facilities on Offer by for Home Owners in Spain

Being a leading tourist, traveling and rental house firm, has a huge range for the home owners in Spain. They put the houses on rental by the permission of the owners to serve them truckloads of money by using their property in this regard. Their comparatively large range of guests from all parts of the world in addition to state of the art services enable property owners to avail vast range of options to earn according to their desire from their properties.

Below are some reasons about why to choose to monetize your property.

Guaranteed Booking

Rafleys guarantees you the yearlong booking for your property along with monetization of your property in Spain on more than 40 holiday rental portals all around the world. In this Regard, is a one stop solution for your holiday’s lettings.

Property Listings

Rafleys has a great professional marketing team to create professional listing of your property in addition of right description for rental marketing portals that make higher conversions as compare to the average market. Apart from that, provides you a free price update on daily basis.

 Property Advertisement

With the help of unique software technology, let your property automatically display on more than 40 major rental booking sites all around the world with full synchronization in addition of availability calendar displaying the right information to your target customers. Moreover, they do this all for you with very low commissions as compare to the local market.

Free of Cost Photo/Video Material for Property

Rafleys Rentals offers a unique and exclusive photo and video material preparation and delivery of your property completely FREE of charge. We have made everything easier for you to prepare & advertise with us boosting your sales easily.

Safe Payment Options

Rafleys adopted the fastest and safest payment procedures in which all the payments from the customers directly cross in your bank account. In normal circumstances, the payments are transfer to your bank account at the very next day a guest check-in to your property. Commission of is determined o what you received from the website will be debited from your account after you got paid.


Damage Deposits holds a handsome amount from the guest’s side which they paid back on their departure from your property. In case of any damage happen in the mentioned period of time, immediately report damage and send replacement funds to you. Apart from that all, Rafleys requires each guest to purchase a minimum home insurance which covers all kind of damages fully covered without any problem.

Your House, Your Rule

It is you who decide what should be the age of renters that are eligible to rent your house, what should be their nationality, whether they are allow to have pets in your house or not and what they must me married couple or not. There are many other sanctions that you can put at the time of your agreement with and they are bound to strictly follow your instructions.