Four Simple Ways to Protect Kids from Possible Home Electrical Accidents

Keep out of children’s reach. This is probably what you want to do with every single thing inside your house. Whether it’s your mobile phone, perfume, expensive piece of jewelry, to a mere tape dispenser, sealed soap, pen, food, and virtually anything! There seems to be nothing in the house that your little one is safe to get in contact with.

Come to think of it. It’s either your child will get harmed or that thing will get damaged. And what is the most dangerous item inside your house that you wouldn’t let your kids touch? Nothing else but everything that’s connected to electricity. We all know how accidents of electrical origin happen so fast and the victims are usually the careless and unsuspecting. These two adjectives combined with the word “curious” describe best what children are.

So here in this article, we’re going to give you some tips on how to protect your kids from any electrical accident.

Use socket protectors

Isn’t this very easy and simple? But why don’t we see a lot of homes with protected sockets? This should actually be an SOP for new homes with couples expecting to have a baby or those with kids already. We all know you can’t trust your kids to follow when you ask them not to touch the socket. Even when you try to tell a story about a monster coming out of that socket, that will even get them more curious! There are so many kinds of socket protectors to choose from. 

Regularly inspect for malfunctioning electrical devices

Don’t you know that malfunctioning electrical devices are fire hazards? If you do, then why do you still risk using them? In Singapore, electrical devices and connections are the second highest cause of fire. Aside from the fact that these malfunctioning electrical devices cause fire, they are also leading causes of electrocution. If this is true with adults, then moreso with your children.

So never risk their safety by continually using electrical equipment and fixtures that are not in good working condition. Hire reliable electrician Singapore has in order to perform needed repairs at your home.

Conceal the wires

These days, there are ducts designed to conceal electrical wires. You won’t need to conceal the wires underneath the floors or the walls of your home. There are duct systems that can be put in place to enclose your home wiring systems. Because of this development, gone are the days when your kids will trip on extension cords and other wires inside your house. You can even use enclosures that  shorten the wires by rolling them in one loop.

Enclose electrical appliances after usage

This might sound too burdensome. I agree. But if this is what it takes to keep your kids away from very attractive electrical appliances, wouldn’t you do it? We’re talking about appliances like microwave oven, toaster, coffee maker, and food processor. Since kids are smarter these days, they can climb up the chair to reach whatever attracts them. Keep electrical appliances from their reach to   avoid any accidents. (Photo from Complete Electrical Biz)