Top Amenities for Owners of New Condos in Montreal

When shopping for new condos in Montreal, buyers tend to think exclusively about what they want. They want a condo unit in the right size for the right price, in a location that’s close to schools, shops, and offices. They want a location that’s safe and conveniently located. They also want amenities that they enjoy.

However, you should consider it not just as a personal purchase, but as an investment too. This means you also need to think about reselling the unit for a profit in the future. So you can’t just pick a condo building with amenities that you will enjoy. You have to think about amenities that potential condo buyers will want to find.

You don’t need outrageous amenities that only the filthy rich will want. So what kind of condo amenities are the most sought after? Here are some of the most popular options:

  1. Lots of green things. More specifically, people want natural materials and plants all over the place. That’s to help balance the sight of too much concrete when living in a highly urban area. People want parks right there for condo unit owners, and if possible they wish for individual garden plots.
  2. Energy-efficiency. People are more environmentally conscious these days, and that has a rather practical side. People prefer to minimize their waste of energy and water, so they’ll want everything arranged for maximum energy savings. If you’ll sell your unit with installed appliances, you’ll want to focus on items with the vaunted Energy Star certification.
  3. Cap park space. Even in the urban jungle, people like the freedom of having their own vehicle. A parking space is a tremendous bonus, even for residents who actually don’t have a vehicle. They can just rent it out, or have it used by their guests.
  4. Internet. More and more condo buildings are offering free Wi-Fi so that residents can use their mobile devices while they’re in the lobby or other parts of the condominium. Of course, it should also be easy for residents to arrange for their own Internet connections for their units.
  5. Gyms. With space at a premium in condo units, people don’t really want to buy their own home gym equipment if they have a gym conveniently located in their own building. A growing number of the adult population realizes the importance of physical exercises these days, and a gym in the building makes the units a more attractive proposition for potential condo buyers in the future.
  6. Pet-friendly spaces. Many people really want pets, but often it’s not all that impractical in many apartment buildings. In some cases, it’s even forbidden. A condo unit is much more attractive when the building allows for such pets, and especially if the owners can get perks such as grooming services and pet supply shops nearby. Having professional pet walkers is also a plus. It’s also great if there’s a park where pets (and their owners) can socialize nearby.
  7. Additional storage. Storage inside the condo unit is an important factor in the appeal of a unit. However, it’s also important that a unit owner should have the option of leasing secure storage space attached to the building.
  8. Swimming pools. Having your own swimming pool in your private home is expensive and troublesome to maintain, but a pool in the condo building is just cool.

If you’re looking to invest in new condos, look for these amenities. These are the same amenities future buyers will look for when it’s time for you to sell your unit for a profit.